Amerton Revisited

The Bank Holiday weekend saw Mummy have a well deserved spa day, so Father and Son took the chance to nip over to Amerton again.

The Sunday of the Bank Holiday saw a ‘two trains in steam’ policy, with one loco working the passenger train whilst another worked a demonstration freight. We were behind ‘Jennie,’ a Hunslet, whilst Kerr Stuart ‘Diana’ circled the track, working the freight.

The sun was bathing this area of Staffordshire in wonderful sunlight and, as it was so glorious, we had two trips. Both were worked by Jennie, who coped effortlessly with the workload in front of her.

Again, for less than a fiver, we had a lovely hour. I’m seriously considering membership as it is just 30 minutes away from our house. As I said after our first trip, Amerton is well worth a visit.

One last thing. As you can see above, Amerton is seriously modelable. ‘Roundy roundy’ layouts are often derided but that’s exactly what Amerton is as you can see above. It’s a small setting, with a well looked after station and could easily form the basis for a good layout! I can feel a plan being drawn up, not to model, but just to draw up!

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