Bringing home the slate.

Another wagon. I know Colin Peake says when he tinkers with wagons it indicates he’s at a bit of an impasse with his modelling.

I might be the same. I think I’m currently putting off planning my Talyllyn layout and wagons offer an easy escape which also makes you feel you are achieving something.

I’ve built a few wagons recently…

Anyway, the Talyllyn 2-bar slate wagon is another Rodney Stenning kit. I’ve now built a Stenning slate wagon, two Meridian ones and a Parkside example. The Stenning was my favourite. It went together quickly, with a little bit of care needed to ensure everything was straight and true.

The hardest part was the painting! The black bars that run through were particularly tough. I think next time I’d actually paint the whole area around it black and then prime over the top. That said, all in all this was another lovely and enjoyable kit to build.

Now, on with that planning. Except, I’ve got a 3-bar slate wagon to build… hmm…

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