A trip to Amerton

I’ve often driven past Amerton on my way to Derby to watch the cricket. During the Bank Holiday weekend we took our little boy to visit.

It’s a super little railway. It’s one mile long, and runs in a dog-leg-shaped oval through stunning Staffordshire scenery. The station is neat and tidy but, due to current circumstances, the sheds were out of bounds. Apparently this is not always the case.

We were pulled by Isobel, a splendid Bagnall from 1897. She was resplendent in her mid-green livery and coped effortless with the three coach and brake van formation behind her. You can see this on the video I took below.

Our visit cost us just £5. Two adult tickets cost just £2 each and our little lad was free. Although the shop was shut we managed to buy a Thomas flag too. The ride is only around 15 minutes but where can you get a nice hour out for a fiver nowadays?

Our little boy enjoyed it too, particularly watching Isobel slowly round the last bend, as he thought it was ‘Per-Per’ (Percy). The actual journey himself saw him a little more interested in the sheep that roamed the line (and in one case got a little too close to the train for comfort) but we’ll definitely be back again.

So, overall, a small yet lovely line ran by friendly, welcoming volunteers. All excellent value too. What’s not to like? If you’re not too far away, I’d recommend a visit.


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