Talyllyn Wagon

In an effort to do some modelling, the Stenning kit I’ve had tucked away was brought out recently.

So far I’ve used a mix of Dundas and Meridian Models kits but had one previous experience of Stenning kits; the Corris brake van. It was an enjoyable kit and so was this. Minimal flash, everything fitting nicely and little drilling out of axle boxes required.

With regards to painting I’ve looked a several examples on the TR and decided to leave it in its primed state. I’ve also painted the inside black and dry brushed some lighter colours to indicate wear and tear. Now there is just the couplings to fit and, as I’m thinking I’ll run my wagons in set rakes, I’m leaning towards using the Peco close couplers.

As for my next job, I had previously painted the Corris brake in the same grey as this wagon, but I think it makes sense to repaint that into the more prototypical brown now to give me an accurate representation of Talyllyn no. 6.

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