Location, location, location.

It’s true, location really is everything. A change of plans is in the offing and it’s all to do with location.

All tracks lead to Tywyn.

I think Nefyn is dying a slow death. I enjoyed researching, creating a history and planning but the enthusiasm to actually build it just isn’t there. This has been the case for many layouts I’ve planned and I’ve noticed a thread with them; they are all fictitious. Once I consider something to be unrealistic, I lose interest. This is something I can chase back to my Football Manager days (a game I now rarely get to play!) as I’d lose interest in a saved game if I got a team somewhere they were unlikely to be (e.g. the mighty Crewe Alexandra into the Premier League).

So then, how do I break this cycle? Well, how about modelling a real place? The Talyllyn line is my favourite narrow gauge line and it’s twin, the Skarloey Railway, was my favourite part of the Railway Series. I’ve got a Rheneas model that needs Dolgochificating and an Edward Thomas Five79 kit. All signs point to Tywyn then. But where?

Luckily, all the stations, bar Tywyn, are somewhat simplistic and have large modelling potential, but what about operational potential too? To me, Nant Gwernol seems the best option if I model a station. The end of the line nature means it suits a plank and that works for me. However, if I was to use my SMS baseboard in a box this wouldn’t fit and makes Me wonder about the sheds at Tywyn. Not the whole thing, just the shed opposite the station, the line that runs to the water tower and the carriage shed.

For now, this is pie in the sky. I’m very much just at the thinking stage and enjoying doodling. With everything still very much up in the air, I think the best way to end the post is with the classic ‘To be continued…‘

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