A second shade of grey.

Ooh er… just 48 more shades to go and I’d have a book. Again, no filth, but rest assured that’ll come at the weathering stage.

View through a gate.

I have totally ignored the order of painting I’d outlined on my previous post. Therefore, the Corris brake has been painted. I was planning on adorning it with a not-so-glamorous brown but, in the end, my love of the GWR Toad meant I wanted to recreate the colour scheme of that on this little model. I’m not a huge bauxite fan anyway!

It was a simple job, two coats of Humbrol acrylic Tank Grey brush painted on. Still to do is fitting the glazing, fixing the roof (which needs a blast of white primer adding as well) and a gentle all-over weathering. The photo above shows that the buffer nearest the camera also needs tweaking as it looks like it has been the victim of a bit of rough shunting.

Little and often, that’s certainly the way forward with my modelling currently.

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